Rail Welding is an activity which the company Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s. has carried out since its founding in 1994. During a long career in the construction market, we have gained a solid position at the forefront of this field in the country.

The focus of the scope of the Division of Welding of the firm Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s. consists primarily of building and maintaining continuous welded rails in the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic. From the very beginning we were involved in the construction and modernization of railway corridors and we were one of the first Czech companies operating in Slovakia. more

There are few companies in the field that can boast such a rich experience in this field. With the passing of time more and more importance in the business divisions is placed on the repair and maintenance work on the tracks of SŽDC s.o. Our main customers are both  dealing directly with SŽDC s.o., in the case of adjustments and maintenance work, as well as large construction companies in the construction of corridors.

The Division of Welding has a stable team of technicians and welders, whose main motto is to satisfy the customer. Emphasis is placed on the preparation of the construction, implementation, quality of work and quality and flexible processing of building documentation.
We are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001  and regularly go through eligibility audits on the basis of the issue of certificates for welding.
The Division of Welding try to perfectly represent our company Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice as. in all works across the Czech Republic