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Terminal at Tanvald, Šumburk nad Desnou

Investor: City of Tanvald

Degree of documentation:

• Studies

• Project documentation for zoning

• Project documentation for building permit

• Tender documents

• Documentation for building construction

Scope of work :
The proposed solution changed the configuration of the existing space.designed to get more space.A retaining wall was built along tracks No 4 and No 6. By this annexation it was possible to solve the complex traffic conditions on the road I/10 . A distinctive feature of this solution was to place a small roundabout with a diameter of 30 metres at the entrance to the terminal in the direction from the centre of Tanvald. This solution eliminated all left turns from terminal to terminal . MOK serves as a road connection on the I/10 to the terminal , where 6 longitudinal spaces for buses were made. The MOK is also connected to a car park and an exit to the street Raisova . The entrance to the terminal from Harrachov is only possible by turning right. Operation of pedestrian access is solved in two ways. From the city centre and along I/10 . The arrival from the centre is designed to not cross any roads , which significantly increases the safety of transport in the investigated area . The transition is ensured through I/10 multilevel transition in the space of the station building and a place to navigate in the space of the MOK . The length of transitions is reduced to a minimum. A safer crossing serves at the MOK which is designed to slow the speed of vehicles on the I/10 . At the terminal there are a total of three parking spaces for cars.

The proposed solution allows a direct connection to the terminal platform for rail transport in the railway station at Tanvald . In the solution space is set out for a kiosk selling snacks to passengers. A distinctive feature of the terminal are noise barriers for railway noise blanking .