OU3T3508 (1) OU3T3508 (1) POVOLEN DOWNLOAD

Reconstruction of switching points 3 and related reconstruction of points 1 and 2 in the railway station Poříčany

Typ: Investment structure
Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration , as - Construction Administration West

PS 01 Security equipment
SO 01 Substructure
SO 02 Trackwork
SO 03 The power lines
SO 04 Platform metal structures
SO 05 Electric heater switches
SO 06 Remote Control section . disconnectors
SO 07 Outdoor Lighting

Project construction:
The railway station at  Poříčany , situated on the main corridor route Prague - Brno, had a newly built crossover type U60 1:26,5 - 2500 on concrete sleepers  with a floating frog . This switch is the only one in the Czech Republic. With this type of switchit is possible to travel at high speed at the branch points. During the construction of the newly built roadbed , and reconstruction of the switches 1 and 2  a new type of crossover was inserted with modified traction management , and the assosciated safety equipment. The turnout was also newly lit .