Modernisation of the western part of Praha main railway station, 2nd phase, platforms II - III

Typ: Modernisation of railway platforms
Investor: Czech railways Construction Administration Prague

A historical platform hall , along with an Art Nouveau building by Fanta dominates Prague's main railway station. The steel arched double nave hall is an integral part of the listed complex of buildings of the Central Station. Draft design of the building was divided into :

The platform shelters

The newly implemented platforms 1 to 4 have a length of about 400 extending north and south beyond the floor plan of the existing steel platform buildings, so roofed sheds cover the exposed parts of the new platforms . Due to the width of the platform being about 12 meters, the construction of shelters was designed as a two-winged inclined roof surface supported at the central axis by columns. This atypical steel structure is covered fully by clear safety glass.


Given the importance of the Prague Main Railway Station the final finish is granite tiles. This solution corresponds to the original historical coatings of the platforms with granite stone slabs , which are preserved in the first part of the platform. The walls of the subways are tiled with ceramic plates, oriented vertically. Vertical joints are continuous , with staggered horizontal joints.


For the design of the furniture the chosen material is a combination of steel , stainless steel and glass. These materials are sensitively applied in the original interior of the new terminal building. This solution was chosen also because of the existing equipment on the platforms , including railing structures , and is an original historical solution , but it replaces the original elements from the first half of the nineteen-forties.