Building sites

Reconstruction of switching points 3 and related reconstruction of points 1 and 2 in the railway station Poříčany

Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration , as - Construction Administration West

The railway station at Poříčany , situated on the main corridor route Prague - Brno, had a newly built crossover type U60 1:26,5 - 2500 on concrete sleepers with a floating frog . This switch is the only one in the Czech Republic. With this type of switchit is possible to travel at high speed at the branch points. Více

Construction work around the station in Český Brod

Investor: City of České Brod

Reconstruction of the road and adjacent sidewalks in the street King George Cukrovarská including a new building adjacent to P + R parking , drainage, roads, construction of public lighting and water supply ,and a new camera system Více

Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, 1st building

Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration , so, Construction Administration Olomouc

The project " Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov " is the construction of nodal stations belonging to the complex of buildings within the transit rail corridor . Více

Terminal at Tanvald, Šumburk nad Desnou

Investor: City of Tanvald

The proposed solution changed the configuration of the existing space.designed to get more space.A retaining wall was built along tracks No 4 and No 6. By this annexation it was possible to solve the complex traffic conditions on the road I/10 . Více