Company profile

The company Chládek a Tintěra  Pardubice was established in April 1994 as a subsidiary of the same-named Litomerice "mother" . In 1997 it was transformed into a joint stock company and became completely independent, so currently it is the sovereign enterprise with clearly defined ownership structure and further development prospects . In 2008 we became a part of the Czech building group Enteria, which holds 100 % of the shares of CHT.

The mission of our organization is seen not only in the position of the producer of high-quality goods and services, in the position of a good employer , but also a representative of transparently formulated moral values.

The activities of our company is to provide comprehensive services in the field of construction, reconstruction and repair of technical infrastructure of the state and municipalities (tracks , bridges , roads , water supply , sewerage) and in the segment of civil engineering (civil , industrial, residential, social, hospital buildings). We have been dynamically developing range of information products in the design and building diagnostics , investment and engineering , including implementation of development projects. Our company is the leader on the Czech market of aluminothermic rail welding and building of continuous welded rail .

The annual volume of sales of own products and services ranges from 2 to 3 billion CZK.

The company operates mainly on the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republic.

The company has about  400 employees, nearly half of which are technicians and engineers .

The high degree of education staff market as a source of quality and productivity is a guarantee of the future development  on the globalizing construction market.

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